Saturday, February 05, 2011

.: I Miss Her So Much !! :.

I miss her so much...being apart for a week really make me miss her and kids oso. Dunno if she might miss me doesn't matter but, the most important things is I really miss her. My pray to her and family...hope they always in a good situation, happy, enjoy...etc. That's all I can do. Only Allah can fulfil my pray...Aminnn.

Maybe she doesnt realize that I'll always miss her every single seconds, and love her wiv full of my heart. She's part of my family. She's oso my bestest frenz and my sister. I miss her so much. I pray to Allah everyday and ask Him to let she still remain as my sister and my bestest frenz untill end of my life. InsyaAllah...Aminnn.

To you, my bestest frenz and oso my sister (mom's beloved daughter), I miss you dear !! Hope to see you soon...mmmuaaahhh !!!

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