Friday, May 21, 2010

.: 21st May 2010 :.

My besday cake

Me and Larlink frenz

Me wiv my besday cake

Me wiv officemates

It's my birthday today.... Alhamdulillah, I still have a chance to have my 30th birthday this year. Hope for da best in my life,insyaAllah..

Morning..while waiting for my Larlink to come and having breakfast together, I'm surfing da internet at my place. While I'm surfing, my Larlink came and wish me Happy Birthday, she gave me a kisses with lots of love and a box of present. Soo...touching. And we have breakfast together after that.

I saw my Larlink wearing her new silver ring. Nice..very nice. And we continue our job after breakfast. When I'm free, I opened the present and was surprise that I had same ring wiv my Larlink...thanks so much dear.

Today, my Larlink frenz bring me to SR and treat me lunch coz of my besday. We spend our lunch just two of us. And today, my Larlink not sleepy when she was full, but I'm da one who a bit 'mamai' and we have a big laugh because of my 'mamai'...hahahahaha.. How funny I am today !!

Suprisingly...when we go back to da office, my officemate together wiv my Larlink make a surprise to me. They celebrate my birthday with a cake and really surprise to me !! Thanks to all of you, frenzz...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

.: 11th May 2010 :.

It's almost 5.00 o'clock early in da morning when me and my dear Larlink went out from her house to send her auntie and cousin to LCCT. They will fly back to Kuching this morning. Still dark and not so many cars on..
da road and our journey is sooo smooth. Alhamdulillah...

We return to our home to perfom our Solat Subuh since it's too early to punch card at da office. And after that we slept for a while..coz a bit sleepy. A bit actually when we woke up and try our best to reach da office on time. Hehehe...why we're late?? It's because...hihihi only us would know...

Anyway...I'm soo happy to see my Larlink frenz happy during her birthday. I can't say a word when seeing her happy face, happy smile....happy soul... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Larlink !! May Allah bless you in whatever you are. That's my pray for you for da rest of your life.

I treat my larlink lunch today, to celebrate her besday. What's had happened after we finish our meal today ?? My Larlink sleep on my shoulder for a while because she's too sleepy after having her meal...hahahaha. So sweet to see her face like that. Until da waiter give us a cheeky smiley when he saw my larlink slept on my shoulder. Hahaha..anyway, that's lovely moment are so sweet..

Last but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my beloved and special Larlink friend. Love you dear !!! Muaaahhhh !!!